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God is Being Glorified!

Sep 11, 2012

By Ben Hayes

It has been an exciting first month in Malawi, as our family settles into life here at the Mission.

Becca has already begun to teach the ladies at the Maternity clinic, and they are extremely excited about this. I have spent the last four Sundays teaching out in the villages, visiting different churches in this southern region of Malawi. On two of these Sundays, Namikango held a weekend teaching seminar. Teaching took place all day Friday and Saturday, and I arrived on Sunday with one or two others to wrap things up. This is one of the things I love so much about being here. Although the days are very long (leaving about 7am in the morning and getting back home by dark), I love getting to be out in Africa with the people, sharing with them, eating with them, and learning from them. Often 3 or 4 congregations will gather for these meetings and services, which really encourages unity among believers in these different regions.

Another three week Bible School training course took place here at the Mission, and another is scheduled to begin next week. Every morning at 7 AM I attend a devotional with the staff and students on campus. This is an enjoyable time of worship, and since all services are in the local language, Chichewa, it gives me an opportunity to practice learning the local language. I’m often given the scripture reading which will be read in Chichewa. I have been able to spend a lot of time with the staff over this last month, as well as some of the students. What a wonderful group of men we have. We are blessed by their experience and their godliness.

Lastly, we were able to distribute 20 wheelchairs from The Malawi Project to the Joyce Banda Foundation (a nonprofit organization started by the current President of Malawi that provides help for schools, women beginning businesses, and more). This exchange took place at a formal gathering and I was hoping to meet the President, but she sent her representative instead. The Malawi press was there also. As a result, we were featured on both the national radio and TV the following day in English and Chichewa. We received many calls the day after with encouraging words from people who had seen or heard the broadcast. We give thanks that God is being glorified for what He is doing here at Namikango.