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The Maluwa Family

Sep 3, 2014

The Maluwa family has been hit with 3 major events in the last two years. Any one of these is enough for a lifetime.

A major vehicle accident. Falless, Rodrick’s wife, was riding public transport back from her distant home when the driver fell asleep, the vehicle rolled, and she was thrown from the vehicle. Half a year later, Rodrick was driving home from a village seminar when he was hit head-on by another driver. He has been slow to heal. Then, most recently, Falless was again traveling home and, not far from the previous accident, the bus she was riding in lost its brakes, the bus rolled, and she was again thrown from the vehicle. A month later, after several x-rays and examinations by different doctors, Falless is recovering with no major injuries to speak of (though there is still some pain) and Rodrick is alive and well, able to assist her in recovery as she did for him while he recovered.

When we visited Falless the night before leaving for the US, we heard an amazing story from Rodrick about the accident. He arrived at the scene many hours after the accident, but one of the ladies at the scene told him that when the bus lost control, Falless was heard crying out the name of “Jesus.” When the accident was over and people were being taken to the hospital, it did not go unnoticed that Falless and many others were still alive, when they could have been killed.

Rodrick decides to Retire

When any employee retires in Malawi, the government requires severance pay be paid by the employer based on the years worked. For someone like Rodrick who has worked 11 years at one place, that figure is fairly substantial. When it's all said and done though, we do not mind paying it as the work and service that we have received was so valuable. We are all so grateful for the godly dedication Rodrick has shown to the Mission all these years.

The day of Falless's accident was in the middle of Rodrick's last week of work at the Mission, which is not the way you would hope to end 11 years of service to a work you love.

Even so, the Maluwas' story is an amazing testimony to the power of prayer and God's kindness. All of us at the Mission and so many others feel so much gratitude to God for bringing this family through these events.
Rodrick and Falless are stepping into a new phase of life, and as it would be for any of us in similar situations, there can be concerns of many kinds, not least of all financially now that he has received his severance pay and is officially retired. He asks us to please pray that God continues to provide direction for them, including partnering with the Mission on the occasional special project. We join him in that prayer and ask you all to continue to pray for Falless's recovery as well.

Ben Hayes