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Mozambique Visit

Sep 3, 2014

We have for the last four years promised a preaching visit for the Mozambican brethren but never fulfilled our promises due to logistical problems, including a lack of transport...until this year; we made the trip in a big way. A team of four drove deep into the Zambezia province in Mozambique to teach, preach and encourage our brothers in that area. Symon and Chitani were already there, they went ahead a week earlier on public transport (part of the way that is).

The rest of the trip saw them traveling 150 miles over dirty and dusty roads on top of trucks loaded with people and goods in areas where there are no buses. Symon and Chitani taught in five places before Bisani and Moses caught up with them a week later. The team would rise early and teach until mid-afternoon before departing to the next meeting where hundreds waited to hear the Word taught. The teaching lasted until 10:00PM there; then these soldiers retired after a long day’s work. The cycle would repeat itself at the next location each day.

The climax of the visit was August 15th when eight diligent students were awarded their diplomas for completing their study program. This was a historic and colourful event which took place at Gurue. One student (with his wife and baby) walked some 20 miles to receive his certificate.

This visit was very significant; it provided plenty food for thought for the future work in this territory. The Mission sends teachers and study material for the 15 Study Centres in Mozambique and we rejoice with the eight men who have sacrificed much in order to complete the four-year course.

We are grateful to our contributors for supporting this good work and for providing the vehicle which made this trip possible in an area where the harvest is very ripe but workers are so few.