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“Off-roading” is not a recreational activity

Sep 3, 2014

For some, “off-roading” is a recreational activity. For us, it is the daily commute to work. For more than a year, there has been major construction on the road between Blantyre (the nearest city), and Namikango. It seems to be nearly complete, reducing the travel time from two hours to around 45 minutes.

In June, Ryan, Amelie, and I made our official move into the town of Zomba – 10 miles north of the Mission and about 15 minutes travel time. But, alas, construction has been extended to this section of the road and has now turned this journey into an “off-roading” adventure. We bump and jostle between fields of maize now flat after harvest, over mounds of upturned dirt, and around piles of fresh gravel waiting to be laid. Large CAT machinery is dotted along the way as we drive home from Namikango, and enter Zomba town.

We’ve heard that construction will carry all the way through town, and anticipate many changes in the coming months as trees and buildings are marked with a red "X" indicating they are selected for demolition. Temporary road signs are placed all along the road, providing pictures of what to expect. Large exclamation marks are a foreboding sign to slow down, roll our windows up, and brace ourselves for whatever lies ahead. We know it will be nice to travel when it is completed.

Justine Hayes

Vehicle Thanks

Justine and I send our gratitude for your support and for the approval of the vehicle so Justine will be able to have transportation while I am at work. We are deeply grateful for each of you for your love, support, and prayers.

Ryan, Justine, & Amelie Hayes