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I Am Amazed!

Nov 5, 2014

by Sidney Vaughn

I am often amazed at the resourcefulness of the Malawian people. They have no natural products like oil or diamonds or gold to bring wealth and jobs. (This is more a blessing than a curse) But, without a large industry, the people must find ways to make a living. They don’t need much to survive, but they must feed their families. Most Malawians have a small garden and they grow crops for food and maybe, if it is a good year, they will have more crops than they need to eat and they can sell or trade at the local market. Maintaining the garden takes about six months from planting to harvest, this is their rainy season. (Incidentally, the timing of the courses in the dry seasons is why the Village Bible Centers are so appealing to the people.) There could be no better use of this “down-time” than to study the Bible. They have several months outside farming season, so . . . “what else can we do?” This is where countless ideas from industrious people have developed into real businesses.

In my trips to Malawi I have seen many unique ways the people have made their living. Bisani sent me the photo of a man pushing his loaded bicycle and this made me think once again about the industrious Malawians. There are many examples. I will share just a few with you: