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Retirement of Rose Wane (Miss Namikango)

Dec 8, 2014

by Ryan Hayes

November 26th, 2014 marked the final day of work for a lady who has been called “Amai Namikango” (Miss Namikango). Though her real name is Rose Wane, she has rightly earned this name because of her 27 years of work as a nurse for the Namikango Maternity Clinic. Hired in 1987 – with a short leave in 2010 – she has worked diligently, delivered a countless number of babies, and she does this while she expresses the joy of the Lord. During the farewell we particularly noted how rare it was for someone to work at the same place or vocation for one’s entire working career.

Surely, we can all learn something from the faithful work ethic of “Amai Namikango”.