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Giving Thanks

Dec 8, 2014

by Becca Hayes

As the leaves fall from the trees and the winter coats are dusted off from their stay in the closet, we enjoy the coolness and change of weather. The warmth of the fire inside and being with family is something to hold on to. We approach the last month of our stay in the States and look forward to the time we will return to the Mission. For now though, we avoid conversation of our departure with family for this will be a very hard parting.

We have enjoyed the time with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. and look forward to the month ahead during the holidays. Our baby boy Britain has grown over the last month and has blessed us with more visits and smiles. Our cups overflow with joy at the blessing of our three children.

We have been very blessed this trip being able to visit churches and family without the need for fundraising the entire time. Our contributors have been faithful for the past two years and we are so grateful for all the Lord has provided for us. Ben has been working hard to connect in person with many of our supporting congregations and partnerships. A recent trip included a few visits in Indiana. Prior to this trip, he preached at Pleasant St. Church of Christ in Arkansas and in the same weekend attended an old family friend’s wedding.

In the coming days, we will begin packing our two 50-pound bags apiece, make a few other church visits, and continue to gather information and work on the State-side operation of Namikango Mission.