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Let's Get Acquainted

Sep 27, 2012

I would like to give you a brief look into the lives of just a few of the students in training at Namikango Bible School. Let’s get acquainted with the men you are helping with your support.

Three of these five men (Innocent, Brighton, and Prince) come from Northern Malawi. It is quite a distance to come all this way to the southern region to study, so it shows the dedication and desire these men have to study God’s Word. Each course lasts for three weeks, followed by a week off, and then another 3-week course and so on. While many students are able to travel home for the one week break, these three men are not, due to the cost and distance of making the trip. So you can see why I am impressed with the determination of these young men.

Innocent Nyasulu is one of our outstanding students - both spiritually and academically. He is the furthest along in his studies (3rd year) of these five, with just one year remaining, and is already being recruited by several churches near his home to return as their preacher once he finishes here. Even though he is 30 years old, he is relatively young for a preacher here. People are attracted by his knowledge of Scripture and his Christ-like spirit. He is a straight-A student, always finishing in the top of his class. Innocent is also responsible for bringing the other two students from the North (Brighton and Prince) to the Bible School. Prince had been in prison, where Innocent, along with some others, conducted studies with him while he was there. After he was released, Innocent encouraged him to come to Namikango for more studies. One evening I saw Prince as he was walking. He was not watching where he was going since he was reading his Bible as he walked. I visited with him and he showed me the Bible he was reading and wished only that it had more foot notes, so that he could learn even more. Prince is in his 1st year, and Brighton in his second. Both are doing well in their studies. Brighton preached at our local church here in Thondwe last Sunday and demonstrated good understanding of the scriptures with his message.

Devile is a young man with great potential. He is another ‘A’ student, with a great desire to learn. I have had several deep conversations with him, and it is evident that he is pursuing not just knowledge about God, but pursuing God himself. He also speaks and understands English very well, which opens the door for greater learning due to the availability of resources in English, as compared to the local language, Chichewa. Devile comes from the Central region of Malawi, which also is commendable, as he also has some distance to travel.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to Collins; he is one of our slightly older students. He was a local preacher in the region near the Mission. After being a preacher for some time, he decided that he needed more knowledge to adequately speak the Word of God to the people, and so he has come to Namikango. He has a kind, humble spirit, and is also doing well in his first year of studies.

Again, we are very grateful for your support that makes these studies possible. Please continue praying for these men, and realize that these are just a few of the students here at Namikango, then, multiply this by 17. There are 17 other Study Centres where we conduct similar ongoing studies for six months each year. The Word of God is being taught to a host of young men who one day will be sharing this Good News with many others. These men, along with a few women, are doing more than gaining knowledge of the Bible, they are getting to know Christ more intimately. They are truly learning to walk with Jesus. Pray for these students and also for their families as they have to be away for long periods of time.

The Lord bless you for your involvement in His work here in Malawi, and may He bless you in your work locally also.