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November Namikango Graduation

Dec 8, 2014

by Ryan Hayes

On November 4th the Thondwe Church of Christ, located here on the Mission grounds, was the location for the 2014 Namikango Graduation. It was a lovely day celebrating several years of dedicated study for 10 graduates. One of the graduates honored that day had just completed the full set of South Houston Bible Institute (SHBI) courses in order to receive the diploma in Biblical Studies.

All of the graduates were accompanied by their family and friends and provided well-earned support and appreciation. We even had a local member of Malawi Parliament attend.

He enthusiastically supported our work at Namikango. He was so appreciative that he agreed to address the graduating class. His speech was strong and energetic. He proceeded to give a generous gift of $100 in support to the Mission, plus, he gave $10 to each of the 10 graduates.

This was a very memorable occasion. We praise God for another solid group of graduates and will continue to pray that each of them will be active participants in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ by word and deed.