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It Serves a Vital Need

Dec 8, 2014

by Bisani

This old structure is probably as old as the Clinic itself, and you cannot imagine the amount of good it has done. The Maternity clinic opened its doors in 1974 and Brother B. Shelburne was the architect. On one of his recent visits to Malawi, he spoke of how in those days, they made the bricks by hand for the Clinic.

Imagine a woman in the village who is nearing the time for childbirth, but, she cannot wait until labor pains begin to go to the clinic, by then it would be too late. So, she must go several days ahead. When she gets to the Mission Maternity Clinic she cannot yet occupy a hospital bed because she is not ready to deliver. So, she must wait. That is what the Guardian Shelter is for. She now has a secure place to wait. She waits there along with a family member who will be taking care of her, bathing and cooking for her. This lady also shares the shelter, and sometimes they must bring their small children.

With about 100 babies being delivered every month at this Clinic, the Guardian Shelter plays a critical role in healthy deliveries. There are usually 15 or more ladies at a time sharing this shelter.

Nearby this shelter there is an A-shape Cooking Center where the ladies cook their meals. As I said, it is hard to imagine the amount of good this small building has been. I am grateful that our early leaders had the vision to plan for this – it serves a vital need. It was recently rebuilt by The Malawi Project. We are very thankful for their help.

The shelter itself hasn’t had an upgrade in several years and needs help badly, including replacing the window nets which are old and torn. Without them, there is a likelihood of the mothers getting mosquito bites and end up having malaria. Malaria is still one of the highest killers in this region of Africa. This building is now set for some major repairs at the cost of $3,500. If you would like to make a special contribution for this work, send your check showing “Repairs.” It will certainly be appreciated.

How High

by Kirk Hayes

How High What a joy to see our children raising their children to love and serve the Lord, whether in their passport country or abroad. I am very grateful for my parents, Grandmother Hayes, and the many others who taught us to love and follow Jesus.

As we pray for grandkids, this picture makes me think of Psalm 78, “…what our fathers have told us…we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord…so they would know him.” (vs. 3,4,6). We are excited to see how high the Lord will take them!