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Greater Appreciation

Jan 9, 2015

Our time here in the States has come to an end. It’s hard to realize the time has gone by, and even harder when thinking about the goodbyes that are coming in the next few days. But we know this is part of the process and we cannot give anything but thanks to God for the time we’ve had here. It’s been very refreshing to be with friends and family through the holidays, as well as through the birth of our child. Our kids were able to reconnect with their cousins and enjoy many of the things living here gives.

We have been excited about interest we have received about the work in Malawi from so many of the churches and people we have visited.

This trip has been an opportunity to make connections that will aid different areas of the work in Malawi that we see happening in the near future, and that gives such a good feeling. It’s great to meet new people, but even more rewarding when God links talents and gifts to places and people that previously had not been realized. And getting to watch that happen is a blessing.

One phrase that has been interesting to hear, from our oldest son Braylon over the course of this furlough is: “When are we going home to Malawi?” While our kids recognize that they have a home here, there is also an understanding of where God has us living now. And though there is a part of us that wishes we could stay with family here, we also recognize where God has placed us and feel ready to return. So as we wrap up these next couple weeks, we want to again say thank you to all. The experience of living overseas can be challenging. But having the chance to come back home for an extended period of time that is mostly spent with family is also a blessing. It creates the awareness of how special such times are, and leads to greater appreciation.

We would not have the chance to experience this if it were not for all of you supporting us. So, again, thank you!

The Hayes Family