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End of Year Reflections

Jan 9, 2015

Beloved Brethren,

As another year has passed, and we reflect on it, we see many good reasons to be thankful to God for His mercies and grace. Lillian and I are so thankful to God for granting us the opportunity to be servants at Namikango. We can clearly see God’s hand at work in a powerful way.

It was a very busy year, especially with an increased number of Village Bible School Centres. We had 23 Centres actively involved in teaching God’s Word on a daily basis. This is up from 20 the previous year. The number of students also increased to a record of 1,141. And as you would expect, our operational expenses for this activity also rose to $3,505 for each location, up from $3095 in 2013. We pray that as these students get to know the Word, they will be faithful servants who will in turn teach others about Christ. This is our mission.

Namikango has continued to be a place of peace in its preaching and teaching. Its impact on the local church and community has continued to grow through teaching the Word, and through other ministries as well.

I am thinking about the Maternity Clinic and how it is respected throughout Southern Malawi. There is also the Ntonda Primary School, with 1,500 grade school students where we teach the Bible daily. This primary school has for the second year running been the best school in this area in terms of the examination results. Plus . . . there is the work in Mozambique that has continued to grow and we are thankful for committed brethren in that area and for the dedicated teachers from Namikango who go there to teach. We are thankful for all the Namikango team of servants, the staff and teachers. And, our prayers of thankfulness must extend to our faithful brethren in the USA, for those who oversee this work in Malawi, and for those who support it.

We are trusting God for another great year in 2015 and we pray that God will continue to bless us all.

On behalf of all Malawian brethren and their families, let me wish the directors and the supporters a very blessed and fruitful New Year.

In Christ, Bisani