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Refugees . . . 1978

Jan 9, 2015

This “church without a roof” report made me remember (It was 1978 I think) when I visited Malawi and Lendal Wilks, Jim Albright, and I traveled along the border area and came to a village where there was a large number of Mozambique Refugees. They wanted our group to stay and have worship services with them. We agreed, and walked with them to a wooded area with a small clearing. This clearing was their church. They began to gather and sit on bamboo poles laid on the ground. They explained the poles were their pews. All around us were trees. They said “The trees are the walls of our church, the overhanging branches and leaves are our roof.” These people were full of excitement, overwhelmingly joyful.

The children running around, playing, were in tattered clothes, but happy. Their houses were made from sticks, mud and straw. But, they did not ask us for anything.

They were totally content because now they were safe, they had a place to stay, a place to worship, and friends to share their celebration with them. This place had a lasting impression on me.