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Ntonda Primary School

Feb 9, 2015

by Ben Hayes

We visited Ntonda Primary School to check out the damage there. The following is a report of our findings there.

Too Much Water

Not since 1964 have the rains come like they did last week. In some places, three feet of water fell in the course of the downpour which took place over four days. Water is of course good for crops, but as we all know, too much water can do a lot of damage. Maize (corn) is the choice crop of most farmers in Malawi, and come this time of year, it should be healthy and green, but for many the excess rains have ruined the crops.


Those Affected

Among the thousands affected by the floods, there are many who have direct connections to Namikango Mission or to its staff. Several members from the local Thondwe Church here on the Mission campus have had their houses collapse, as well as relatives of staff members.

Namikango’s Ntonda Primary School is a prime example of what is happening in many places in the country. As many community members’ houses become inhabitable, they seek shelter wherever they can find it and schools have recently been opening their doors to accommodate those left homeless. Some families are staying permanently at schools for the time being, which is preventing the continuation of classes. Others come and go every day. Approximately 120 families started arriving at Ntonda School around 4PM in the afternoon, bringing their food, luggage, and some with their animals. They then depart by 6AM, leaving the classrooms open for school to continue.

Beyond this, the school campus has itself sustained damage; three of the staff houses have walls that have caved in. One of these houses belongs to Timothy Jailos, our Bible teacher at the school and the one who leads the after-school Bible Club. He vacated his house when he saw signs of danger, and sure enough, the wall caved in. Timothy has moved into another house on campus which is not in great condition but livable for now, while the teachers who occupied the other two damaged homes are now renting and staying with family in the nearby town.

This kind of thing is mind boggling for many us, and hard to imagine what this must be like. You wonder how these people will ever get back on their feet. Please continue praying that churches and the government receive wisdom in how to assist during this disaster.