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In the Middle of a Disaster

Feb 9, 2015

by Ben Hayes

At Namikango, we have received many calls from congregations we work with throughout the country, requesting aid. In the past, when there has been severe hunger, drought, and famine in Malawi, Namikango has responded by asking the village congregations to select people in the congregation with the most serious needs. We would help these people to purchase corn or provide shelter.

Our challenge now is that people need immediate assistance. They now have nowhere to stay; their homes have been washed away. Some stay with families or friends, or in a school. Schools have come to a halt, they were either damaged by the floods, or if the school is still standing it has now become a living facility for children and families without homes. Normal schooling is not possible.

We are currently gathering information to see how many people have been seriously affected within the communities throughout Malawi where we have the most connections. We expect this report right away. From this, we will be able to determine the amount of aid needed and how much we will be able to help. Here locally and in the communities around the Namikango campus, we have already contacted the church leaders and asked them to identify their needs, especially the widows in the community who are most desperate.

Shelter of any sort is the most immediate need, so we are assisting with wood and bamboo poles from the Mission trees, and we have purchased long sheets of plastic. We are now going to villages to help set up temporary shelters. Many houses have lost only one wall, or the outdoor toilet has collapsed, and these things can be temporarily mended with these supplies.

When the rain stops, people will begin to rebuild their homes and lives, but for now, we must help with the immediate very pressing needs for survival.

The Story of Love

Being in the middle of a disaster on this scale is devastating to see. This is an humble reminder of the fact that many things are outside our control. But, with this calamity comes an opportunity for God’s people to tell the story of love.

New Life

Yes, life is full of pain, and there seems to be endless storms of all kinds. And though some may wonder where God is or why He could let this happen, answers sometimes fail us. We know that God cares deeply about what is happening, for in these difficult times, Christianity offers something that can be found nowhere else – One who Himself went through a storm. And on the cross (as Tim Keller says) the storm did not end until Jesus was swept away. He did it voluntarily, so that we would never have to. And out of that terrible storm, God raised new life! So, while there is pain in this life, we know with certainty that God is not standing by passively, but that he identifies with our pain, and because of Jesus, He can meet us in these hard times. And that is Good News to a broken world!

Shining Light

Please be praying that Christians here in Malawi are able to share this story with those who have no hope. Pray that churches embrace the opportunity to be a shining light in this situation. And please pray for those suffering from losses of different kinds, that they will meet Jesus in some way through this.

Fun in the midst of Chaos

Even with so much going on around the school and in the home, children still find things to enjoy. As we were walking around the Ntonda school campus looking at all the damage, we noticed something going on under a tree that involved a lot of laughing and throwing rocks. Upon closer inspection, we saw a small green Mamba (a deadly snake) that the kids had killed just outside the school. Not bad work for a recess break.

Local Preacher

One of the local preachers from a nearby area was victim to the fate of many thousands of people here in Malawi. He has been ill for some time and is currently unable to walk. He and his wife had to move into their kitchen ( a small separate building) when their house collapsed as a result of the floods. They live near the church where he preaches, which also had a wall collapse – leaving the entire building exposed.