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A Call for Help!

Feb 9, 2015

by Sidney

The Mission staff is using what working funds they have to help in this immediate emergency. These working funds represent salaries, supplies, etc. and they need to be replaced.

We are in the process of sending more funds; at this point there is no end to what will be needed. Though our ability to help may be small considering the vastness of the damage, we must do what we can. Our help is going where it is needed most – first to widows and orphans. We have our people in place and I am calling on our faithful supporters to generously respond in this time of need.

Future Needs Will Be Huge

Normal harvest time for the year’s supply of food is in April, but for those whose crops were flooded – there will be no harvest and no food for the year. Many will seek to eat herbs, leaves, and roots in order to survive.

We will get detailed reports on these and other situations as they are available. Right now, the main focus is in new (temporary) living arrangements.

Rodrick Maluwa, one of our long-time Mission teachers, planned on spending his retirement years in a newly built house near the Mission property. Construction was progressing well until this disaster hit. Now his dream home is in ruins.