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Settling In at the Mission

Sep 27, 2012


Our second month in Malawi has now come and gone. It seems strange; we were in the U.S.A. only two months ago and it feels like half a year has passed. Anyhow, we are continuing to adapt to the life and culture here. Becca’s cooking skills are broadening by the day, as she creatively comes up with new dishes. Both of us are improving on speaking the Chichewa language and trying to work our way past the simple greetings.

The largest event of the past month was the 50th Year Celebration of the Namikango Mission. The event was held at Chancellor College in the city of Zomba, August 10th – 12th. With around 500 people attending, church leaders from all over Malawi. This was one of the larger events Namikango has ever hosted. Praise be to God! The weekend was indeed blessed with worship and teaching, with the graduation of 11 students, along with recognition of 60 graduates dating all the way back to the 1960s.

After receiving diplomas on the big stage, the men stepped down to receive another special gift: a hug from their wives. This public display of affection was a very rare event in Malawi because their culture typically frowns on any PDA. But this was special; it surely added a touch of joy and beauty to the occasion.

We were blessed to have B. Shelburne, his son David, and friend Patty Schulz with us during this time as well. Having one of the first missionaries at Namikango present for this celebration was a highlight of the weekend.

I was blessed to watch Uncle B. interact with the people, speaking Chichewa so easily, and re-kindling old

friendships from years back. His being there also seemed to create the perfect setting to initiate me and my family into the work, having both old and new missionaries in one place with so many people present. This was very special. As for the rest of the month, we’ve continued to make visits to many different village churches, encouraging them to continue walking in the way of Jesus.

We recently visited 39 congregations in one day. This was not to preach but to hand out clothes to families in each congregation who were the most poverty stricken. It was a rewarding experience for all those involved.

These clothes were a donation from the Malawi Project, which is the organization from which we receive most of the goods we store in our warehouse until distribution time. They also provide medical supplies for our Maternity Clinic. We appreciate our partnership with them so much.

Also, we have been blessed to have Ron Pottberg with us from World Bible School. He is here on a 2 week stay recruiting students and encouraging leaders in Southern Malawi, before heading up to the Northern region. Namikango has had a longtime relationship with World Bible School, dating back to 1985. One of our staff members serves as the National Coordinator for WBS in Malawi. We handle all the WBS mail (student lessons) that comes and goes in Malawi, as well as recruiting students, and organizing student follow-up visits when requested.

We are continually grateful for your support and prayers. Your generous financial contributions are necessary, whether large or small, to keep this work going. And your prayers . . . your prayers are our lifeblood. Please include us in your daily petition to our Lord.