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Flying High – A Bird’s Eye View of the Mission

Apr 10, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

This April, Namikango had the privilege of hosting Jerrod Shelton, his sister Carly Shelton, and Donovan Bennett as they began the work on a promotional video for Namikango Mission. Based out of Lubbock, Texas, the three are part of a filming company called Contract Cre8ive (

They worked tirelessly to obtain interviews with staff, capture footage of Malawian and Namikango life, and even pick up some of the local language. But they may likely be best remembered in the area by what they call, “The Drone” – a remote controlled helicopter camera which can capture aerial footage up to a mile away in any direction.

We enjoyed witnessing their filming and are terribly excited to see how they’ll bring the footage together into a final video.

I too, am anxious to see the results from this top-notch team. We have wanted a video of the Mission work for a long time. It looks like this will be a reality soon.