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Apr 10, 2015

by Becca Hayes

Growing up, I remember riding along with my family on a road trip from Texas to Mississippi to visit our relatives. I loved visiting our family there. I remember catching fireflies/lightning bugs and watching how brightly they would shine through a jar.

The other night, our power was out here in Malawi. It was a very dark night with the storm clouds covering the stars, but the brightest little lights were flying all around. There were so many fireflies! It was amazing to see how bright they were against a sea of black night.

As we turned out our flashlights and headlamps to go to bed, we noticed a firefly had entered our room and was flying around outside the mosquito net. I was mesmerized by the little fella and how much light he was putting out. He literally lit up half the room.

I can’t help but refer to Matthew 5 when Jesus talks about being the light of the world. Just like this little bug, we can be the light for Jesus and bring Him to dark places.