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Ntonda Primary School’s Success

Apr 10, 2015

by Ben Hayes

This “little” school began in the living room of a church leader, Brother Garnett Limani, with a few local children. It has now grown to over 1,400 students.

Each year the goal of many primary schools (grades 1-8) is to get their kids qualified to attend a secondary school (high school) so they can further their education. Those who aren’t selected return home to work on the family farm or business. Children are selected for secondary school based on their performance. There are three categories of secondary schools that students may qualify for: Community Day Schools being the most common, District Schools a little more prestigious, and National Schools. If even one child in an area is selected for a National Secondary School, it is a great achievement.

For each of the last four years, Ntonda Primary School, the primary school overseen by Namikango Mission, has finished as the top school in their zone. This means that out of approx. 10 schools, Ntonda has had the largest number of their kids selected for Secondary. In 2014, one of these students was chosen for a National Secondary School, with a couple chosen for District Schools and others for Community Day Schools.

We have a full-time Bible teacher at Ntonda School, Brother Timothy Jailos. He also leads an after-school Bible Club for kids who want to learn more of the Bible. He vacated his house when he saw signs of danger in the recent storm, and sure enough, the wall caved in. Timothy has moved into another house on campus, which is not in great condition but is livable for now. Other teachers who occupied damaged homes are now renting or staying with family in the nearby town. Rebuilding and restoring will take a while, but for now – school is in session.

Refreshed from the inside out!

by Ryan Hayes

A very important annual event at Namikango Bible School is the Teacher’s Refresher Course. This is for the purpose of bringing our teachers who will be teaching in the various Village locations together for one week in order to prepare them for the subjects being taught this year in their respective locations.

This year, we had 50 teachers who came from 23 centers across Malawi. Because this year’s courses include the Letters to the Romans, Galatians and Corinthians, we thought it good to spend much of the week focusing on what the “Gospel” actually is and how it changes us from the inside out. Ben, Chitani, Moses, Alex, and I taught during the week with the aim of looking at the ‘Gospel’ all week. We had access to some excellent resource material for the studies by the Soma Tacoma community. This is easily some of the best material available for Bible study and for small groups in that it walks us through how we never ‘get beyond the Gospel’ to something more ‘advanced.’

The basis of the Gospel and who God is and what God has done through Jesus is the A to Z of Christianity and is the means through which the Spirit is able to shape our lives, our motivations, and desires into the image of Jesus Christ. Throughout the week, we were able to see how many personal and church issues generally stem from a failure to apply the Gospel to every part of our lives. It was a refreshing week that (we pray) provided the necessary space for the Holy Spirit to do His work by leading us into a deeper love for God.

The courses were held at Thondwe Church on the Mission campus. After a week of serious study, the teachers got a well-deserved break with a trip to Zomba Mountain where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.