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Relief Work Continues

Apr 10, 2015

by Ben Hayes

Earlier this month, Namikango helped those in the area by providing goods needed to help build temporary shelters for people whose homes had been damaged, targeting specifically the widows in the community. This was a great boost for these people, giving them hope as they wait the coming harvest and the end of the rainy season so that they can turn attention towards rebuilding their homes. For many though, especially in Southern Malawi where the rains fell hardest, the crop they receive will be much less than in previous years. While we wait for the coming harvest to see what the situation is, Namikango is receiving information from our churches and communities to see how best to respond.

Meanwhile, we are looking at a project that involves Ntonda Primary School. Several staff houses have been damaged due to the rains, so that is the first area that needs targeting. Due to the work of the community in the past, some 70,000 bricks were molded for use at the school, which can now be put towards the building of another staff house. Namikango will partner with the school and community to help in the building of this structure. This will be an encouragement to this school, which has continued to be a place of shelter from many displaced people. For some time, families were coming and going each day to take shelter at the school. Since then, a temporary shelter has been put up in the school yard to accommodate those who had previously traveled every day.

Flood and Hunger Relief

To our Mission support family,

We are so appreciative of the generous support during the time of a national disaster in Malawi. The Mission staff is busy with help as it is needed and as they are able with help for flood victims. If we have unused funds they will be held in reserve for the long months ahead when the hunger situation will become worse each month.

Our Mission team (Ben, Ryan, Bisani, and Mission staff) will be helping to oversee the reconstruction of Rodrick’s house, paying receipts for supplies etc, until it is in a livable condition. We hope and pray for good things to come for Rodrick. And . . . Rodrick is overjoyed at the outpouring of support and the prospect of having his house rebuilt after the storm damage.

Sidney Vaughn