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We now have a Mission Library

Apr 21, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

In spite of the terrible flooding Malawi has recently seen, we have had some bright spots to begin the year. There is an organization called Theological Book Network – based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan – that specializes in helping overseas Bible schools build their libraries for a minimal amount of funds.

Since we now have a Mission Library, we became qualified for a shipment of books last year and we have just now received that shipment which consisted of 32 boxes, or about 2,500 high -quality theological books to add to the Namikango Mission Library. This library benefits the staff, our students, along with many other students in the area. Namikango’s Library is quickly growing to be one of the most solid libraries in the area. We are grateful to see how God has provided for us through the good folks at the Theological Book Network and look forward to seeing how God will use this selection of books to further the work of His Kingdom.