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UPDATE – Ntonda School Flood Impact

Apr 21, 2015

by Ben Hayes

I wrote about the Ntonda School devastation by the floods last month. The damage was heavy; even Timothy – our Bible teacher, had to move out of his house. The school buildings had damage but they were still in better condition than the area homes. As a result, our small school has become home to about 120 families.

They begin coming into the school rooms around 4PM, after classes have ended. They bring their food, luggage, and some come with their animals. They then depart by 6AM, leaving the classrooms open for school that day.

The kind of damage these terrible floods have done to people’s lives is mind boggling to think about. It is hard to imagine what it must be like to lose your home, your crops, and your livelihood. For some, even family members have been lost – very hard to imagine. We wonder how people will get back on their feet.

Please continue praying that we receive wisdom in how best to assist people in severe need.

The school block in the photo is where the school/community started to build a classroom, but hadn’t completed it. It was supposed to have full walls but was only built part-way and stopped. It is now in rough shape and needs help.

We talked about the Ntonda School situation while the three Mission Board members were here, and this is one of the areas we will soon be addressing.