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Disaster Response for our area

Apr 21, 2015

by Ben Hayes

The effects of one of the worst floods in Malawi’s history continue to show up as we move through February. While there is much to do in areas beyond Thondwe (where Namikango lies), this community was in the center of the storm surge and becomes our first target for help.

We talked with local church leaders and asked them to let us know who was in most need in their communities – both church members and non-members, and specifically the orphans and widows among them.

When we asked what the most desperate need was, most often the response was “immediate shelter,” whether it was repairs needed to an existing building or the funds to be able to rent a place nearby.

The following is a report from Alex Nunu, our Agricultural Supervisor who helped to oversee Namikango’s response to flooding in our area.

The Thondwe area in the Zomba district suffered heavy rains that began falling late December. People here are seriously affected with continuous rains, crops are being washed away, and houses destroyed. A few days ago they were secure in a home of their own; today they are homeless. Now these victims are living in school rooms and some are renting a place away from their original homes … if they have the money. Namikango Mission began at once to help by distributing building materials such as plastic sheets, nails, bamboo and wood poles from the Mission compound, plus providing small amounts of cash to enable victims to have a temporary shelter. - Alex Nunu

We have not only given supplies but we plan to work together with the local churches to help make the repairs alongside those who are not able to do this by themselves.

These repairs, though only temporary until a time when the rain stops and their homes can be permanently rebuilt, still provide a great help to those who have nowhere to stay. Thank you for your prayers and support for the people here in Malawi.

Flood Relief Fund
Flood Relief Funded .......... $15,000.00
Donations Received ......... - $7,949.00
Assistance Needed .............. $7,051.00