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Recent Mission Trip for Three Board Members

Apr 21, 2015

by Mark Thiesen for the Mission Board

I just returned from an exciting visit to Namikango Mission in Malawi! B. Shelburne and Shawn Tyler joined me in representing the Mission Board in our discussions with the missionaries and staff regarding the future of Namikango Mission.

This was my first time to witness our new missionary families - Ben & Becca Hayes and Ryan & Justine Hayes - in action. I was impressed by the vision they have to take our efforts in Malawi to a new level of service beyond what we have dreamed of in days past. They are dedicated, surrounded by godly people, fully trusting God to work in new ways to make a greater difference in Malawi.

The team’s enthusiasm is contagious, believing that God is mighty as He works to His glory in Malawi.

In planning for the future, the Mission Board sent three Board members to visit with the Mission Staff about what changes may need to be made to reach this major league level of service. It will require changing many of the ways we have done things – both on the American and Malawian sides.

One major change has already taken place on the U. S. side - the work is now overseen by a Board of Directors – leaders from different congregations; each with a unique perspective as we seek to lead Namikango Mission to its next level of impact. Some changes will be coming to the Malawian side of the work and the Board members led the Malawian staff in discussions about what these changes will look like.

The organizational structure that has served the Mission in the past will now be broadened to have more participation and contribution from the Malawian staff. The missionary will now be assisted by a committee of workers from different departments in making decisions and carrying out work.

Changes will affect nearly every area of our work, and staff on the ground will feel the changes more than anyone else. In several meetings, the three of us joined Ben Hayes in sharing this vision with the staff and in listening to their ideas as together we plan a new era of greatly expanded ministry. We are still in the very early stages of planning and I feel very optimistic about the future of this ministry which has already blessed so many over the past half century.

As we spent time with the missionaries and staff, it struck me that we have the right team of missionaries and their staff in place to begin this new phase of work. They are enthusiastic, talented, and energetic. Most importantly, these workers are people of faith who show that they will not allow the Lord’s work to be limited by small thinking.

I believe that in the years ahead we will be amazed at what God is doing. I am excited thinking about how God has blessed this work in the past and for where He will lead us in the days ahead. Be patient with us and on our reporting on what is planned . . . it is all good.