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Dr. John Harrison – One who Speaks the Truth with Love

May 11, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

Namikango Mission has been honored to partner with the Ministry for Theological Education who has agreed to send a scholar to conduct an annual three-day theological seminar for our teachers, students and colleagues who are motivated toward a deeper understanding of scripture’s revelation of the Triune God. This year, the seminar was on the Gospel of John and was led by a professor from Oklahoma Christian University, Dr. John Harrison. We were all amazed at the amount of learning John was able to impart as he walked us through the Gospel’s immense vision of the being and character of God. We were not only able to learn from the content of Dr. John’s teaching, we were able to witness how graciously John responded to questions and difficult opinion issues. He modeled for us one who seeks to speak the truth with love. For this, we remain deeply grateful to him for his willingness to come and for how the Spirit was able to speak through him to all in attendance.