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“People were running away”

May 11, 2015

by Becca Hayes

We heard a rumor that people were running away from that thing flying in the sky above Namikango Mission. We could hear the loud buzzing from inside the house. It sounded like a swarm of bees. It wasn’t a bird, or a plane. It was… a drone.

The Contract Cre8tive Team from Lubbock, Texas consisting of Jerrod Shelton, his sister Carly Shelton, and co-worker Donovan Bennet flew into Malawi for about 12 days to take as much video footage as possible (using the drone and other equipment), as well as pictures, interviews, etc. then back to theit office to build a video for Namikango Mission. This production will include a thorough overview of the mission including the main ministries and partners: the Bible School, the Maternity Clinic, the Ntonda Primary School, the Warehouse and the Malawi Project, the Rural Church work, Agriculture, and other programs, along with the history of the Namikango Mission. In addition to this video, there will be “A Look Back” to include some of the memories and people from the past 53 years of work here. We pray this production will be a blessing to our current supporting churches and individuals to give a picture so real you feel like you are in Malawi.

We also pray recognition of the needs here will be realized, to grow and flourish in the name of Christ. We hope to fill our 90 acres of land here with more people, facilities and more ministries such as: vocational training in trades, micro-finance, farming and agriculture, etc., a rentable conference center, improved and updated staff housing, offices, and classroom space, along with an expansion and improvement on the Maternity Clinic facilities, and renovation of the primary school. This is a very large project we pray God will bless and create. We are again thankful for the media skill and energy sent over by Contract Cre8ive.