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Food brings hope to the Inmates

May 11, 2015

by Wilson Tembo

Zomba Central Prison is a major prison and houses over 2,000 inmates. This Centre is home to men, women, and children.

I have visited the prison for six years and their needs are many. While they have physical needs, they also hunger for the Word of God. I think of the little girl 9 years old as I watched her enter the prison cells. She joined her mother there. This is now her home. The need for a helping hand and some encouragement here, just 12 miles from the Mission, is overwhelming.

The Government has a difficult time providing for the 2,000 inmates and their families. Today, Namikango Mission, with support from The Malawi Project, was able to help by donating 1,503 packets of dehydrated food to the prisoners.

There was much joy among the prisoners. The joy was shared by the Commissioner of the Prisons, Miss Wandika Phiri who said, “The Malawi Prison Service is grateful to the partnership with the Church of Christ in Malawi and the Malawi Project.” She said, “The Malawi Prison has an open door policy to organizations and churches to work hand in hand with the prison in reforming the inmates. We cannot reform or change someone who is hungry.”

At this function Ben Hayes said, “In donating the food we are following the teachings of Jesus and we want to show His love to the inmates.” With these gifts many lives will be touched as well as have their health improved.

Packages of dehydrated soup have been distributed to over 50 different Centres and to 20,000 people throughout Malawi, largely to, orphans, HIV/AIDS victims, and to the elderly.