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Their Struggles Continue . . .

May 11, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

A recent visit to Ntonda School gave us a better understanding about the terrible effects of the recent flooding on the people in this area. Here a number of families found immediate, temporary shelter inside the classrooms at Ntonda School. But we didn’t realize there were so many families seeking shelter there until we were able to see it for ourselves. Families came to Ntonda bearing what little possessions they were able to carry, plus , they brought their livestock as well. They would seek shelter in the classrooms at night and then leave the next morning to work repairing their houses, to return once again in the evening.

So many people came it was difficult for them all to find shelter. It was a very difficult several months for many people to be sure. Fortunately, an American NGO (non-government organization) was able to provide temporary tents. They bear the name, “Shelter Box”, and many families are able to stay here for a limited period of time, at least until work on their houses could resume after the rain season lets up. We are grateful to have the space available in the schoolyard and doubly grateful for the “shelter boxes” to help house many people over the last few months. Please continue to pray for the people all over Malawi who have been effected by the flooding and the chaos and diseases spread because of it. Their struggles continue . . .