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A week of encouragement and rest in Zambia

Jun 11, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

This last week, Church of Christ missionaries from all over the South-Central parts of Africa met together at Flat Dogs Camp, South Luangwa, Zambia (“flat dogs”, or more affectionately “flatties” are what Southern African folk call crocodiles).

South Luangwa is well-known as one of the better game reserves in this part of Africa, and suffice to say, it lived up to its expectations! We had a great time viewing lions, leopards, zebra, giraffe, and most importantly, the rare and oddly wonderful, Honey Badger!

More than this though, it was a time of refreshment and camaraderie for the missionaries. The whole week was put together by the wonderful folks of InterMission, based out of Edmond, Oklahoma. They provided sessions of discussions and study in which all involved could have space for talking about hard issues and needs faced in our respective work.

In all, the week provided a much needed time of encouragement and rest for all. For us, this was much needed, and we remain deeply grateful to the InterMission team.

Amelie, Brooklyn, Braylon, & Britain