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Mozambique Teachers

Jun 11, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

Recently, Ben, Ryan, Symon Katete, and Chitani Bakali made the trip to Milanje, Mozambique in order to provide a brief teachers’ refresher course for the 40+ teachers of the Village Bible Schools across the border. Much like the refreshers course we had last month with the teachers in Malawi, we took two days to study the importance of the “Gospel” for every aspect of our lives. In so doing, we took time to discuss our way through several chapters of the Gospel DNA curriculum as well as providing brief overviews of the Gospel-infused letters of Galatians and 1 Corinthians. We took pains to note specifically how Paul addresses every issue – not via opinion or tradition – but through the application of the “Good News” of Christ to each issue. Though each session was very worthwhile, it was difficult to stay on schedule because of the time it took to translation from English to Chichewa to Lomwe to Portuguese! Imagine hearing every sentence repeated three or four times over in a different language for several hours and you’ll have a picture of what it took for all to understand.

Our time was doubly blessed by the lovely foods and great fellowship we had with our brothers and sisters serving the Lord whole-heartedly in Mozambique.

A note from Bisani after a trip he took to Mozambique in August –

While the varying languages make it difficult to communicate in Mozambique, we must never overlook these people who are hungry for the Lord. The area is still fertile ground for the Gospel with its people very eager to receive the Word.

Mozambique may remain a child of Namikango for some foreseeable future.