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Cultural References . . . “They were eager to serve.”

Jun 11, 2015

by Ben Hayes

Over the past couple years, I have been part of several interviews for candidates applying for different positions at the Mission– ranging from Bible Teachers to Nursing Attendants, and more recently for the position of Accountant. Most of these interviews have been for positions that did not require a Bachelor’s degree, though they still required a good grasp of the English language and skill in their respective discipline as well.

Recently, we looked at a couple of applicants who did have Bachelor’s degrees and we invited them in for interviews. I didn’t think much about this at the time. I knew it was not often that we interviewed candidates with a degree, until one of our guys was informing the rest of the staff that we could expect a lot of people to show up in their cars for interviews the next day.”

My first thought when he said this was, “What? In their Cars?” I realized at that moment how different this situation would be from previous ones. I found myself being surprised that I was surprised that interview candidates would arrive in vehicles. This would be a given in the U.S., but not here. The end result is that while some do have cars, the majority of Malawians do not, and having an auto does indicate a certain level of status within society.

Even so, the interview candidates we looked at did not act as if their “status" carried much weight, and it was a great blessing to see several of them who had come from difficult situations in their own life. I found the candidates eager to find ways to help and serve their fellow Malawians. I saw the nature of Malawi and the spirit of Christ in the interviews.