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Jun 11, 2015

by Ben Hayes

·The Bible Schools continue to progress as we approach the midway point of the school year.

·In addition, the time for harvest has come. This is usually a time where many people hold celebrations, splurging a little on the first fruits of their harvest after having rationed the previous year’s harvest for the last several months in eager anticipation of this time . .

·Unfortunately, for many the forecast looks as if their harvest will not take them as far into the year as it did last year or in normal years. The results of the floods are continuing to show as people’s crops are not producing what they had hoped. Even so, people are trying to make their food last to sustain them for the next several months.

·In the meantime, we here at the Mission along with others in Malawi are continuing to develop a plan for how we may be able to support our churches and people through the potentially difficult months ahead.

·On another note, the month of June will be a month of visitors as we have three teams from different organizations coming to visit. Following them will be a visit from family at the end of the month. We enjoy the blessing of getting to host many different people and having family come is always a highlight of the year. So we, and maybe more importantly our kids are looking forward to seeing their grandparents.