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Happenings Around the Mission!

Jul 8, 2015

by Ben Hayes

· The time in Zambia last month was a great blessing, and a much needed break. We got to meet several other missionary families in Malawi.

· We have now moved to Zomba. It has been a project over several weeks and we feel God has blessed the transition. People have been supportive of our need to move to this nearby town.

· We have had a nonstop string of visitors. It has been hectic, but a great blessing. Mike Ferris, the EMI team of engineers, Mike Schrage with LUI (Lifted Up International) plus a team of six came to look at what we have planned in the micro-finance area. Being with them was such a huge blessing. Mom and Dad are here and will conduct a seminar on marriage. They will be followed by our three summer interns then Judy Fish will be here soon to continue the training on Christian Health Evangelism. As always, it is a great blessing to be able to host people who love and serve the Lord.

· We need to hire additional staff members and the interviews have been ongoing. We trust God is leading us to the right people, but covet your prayers as we continue through this.

· Rodrick Maluwa is making progress on rebuilding his house which was ruined by major floods, but it is slow-going.

· It’s hard to believe, but we just passed mid-term here with the Village Bible Schools. We’ve been more focused this year about spending time with our “mentorees” (each staff member is assigned to mentor a student). We’ve tried to get very close to the students and especially close to the Lord. We’ve been encouraged as we see the students growing in their awareness of the Grace of Christ within us. We’ve seen this benefitting the staff as well as the students.

· We have been encouraged by visiting teachers to pour ourselves into the weekly prayer-time with our staff. For the past year and a half, we have been spending 12 hours each week praying together. There has been a tremendous impact from this commitment to prayer.

· The EMI (Engineering Ministries International) team has been remarkable. This nonprofit group of volunteer Christian engineers has researched our needs and helped to lay plans for the future. They are still working on the final report and what they end up giving us is going to be really exciting! They showed us what they’ve done for other groups, and it is very thorough and beneficial. One thing I wanted to point out here is that we were able to accommodate the entire team of 11 here at the Mission! This was possible due to our just having moved out of the Mission residence. It was a great setup for them, as they were on site day and night and able to constantly move about with their work. We feel it was also good in showing that the Mission house is still very much in use. We will share more about the EMI report and plans next month.

· The Hayes Team here has felt overwhelmed at times over the last few months and we have also been encouraged by the teams who have visited. Even so, we seek your prayers over us that we are able to keep moving ahead and that we will be able to successfully shift some of the work load to new staff we are seeking. Mike Schrage gave us a good perspective in saying that what he sees happening at Namikango is huge; as big as anything he’s seen in the last 10 years. When learning that we have approximately 2,000 churches associated with us here in Malawi and Mozambique. He suggested we get one prayer partner from each of these congregations who would faithfully pray with us through these transitions ahead. So while we feel in over our heads, we have been encouraged by remembering that in the end, it’s God who is in control and He is moving things ahead.