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We’re Excited!

Jul 8, 2015

by Becca Hayes

I would like to share with you my excitement of the future plans for the Namikango Mission here in Thondwe, Malawi. We are approaching three years of being here and working with the Malawian people. This is a work of rich history and family connection. We are so grateful for the history and work of the missionaries and church leaders who have come before us. We are also so thankful for the contributors throughout the world for their financial and prayerful encouragement over the last 50 plus years.

Let me invite you to DREAM with us as we look to the future of the work that has been laid out before us. 90 acres of land was purchased over 50 years ago by a great uncle of Ben and Ryan’s- Roland Hayes. This 90 acres of rich soil and timber has been the home for a Bible Training School, a Maternity Clinic, a church building, several staff houses, a missionary house, a Malawi Project warehouse, student dorm rooms, gardens, and a forest of Blue Gum trees. It is a blessing to have so much land, and God is now opening doors for us to use the land in ways that have not been done here before. As we look around at other organizations or institutions who have built up places of business, worship, and living quarters in very small, tight spaces we realize how blessed we are to have such a large, expansive space and use of so many rich acres.

As the churches of Christ in Malawi are growing, our training needs to expand in the areas of higher level education and thinking – where there can be vocational teaching along with Christian teaching and training. We have also looked at our land as an opportunity to share it with other organizations by adding a conference center that we can rent out to groups when not in use by our many seminars. We have added several staff members recently bringing us to well over capacity for our existing offices and housing. With over 50 employees at the Mission, current resources are being used rather quickly.

The Lord has blessed Namikango and the work in many ways over the years, especially monetarily. Still, the need has been evident that self-sustainable projects and a movement away from 100% dependency on U.S. contributions has come. Our current facilities need improving, therefore we are looking to rebuild instead of continued maintenance.

We have invited a group of 11 skilled engineers to Malawi to evaluate the land and create a detailed master plan for the team at Namikango Mission. We are truly excited to see the outcome of this plan and the additional ministries we can add over the next decade and beyond to further God’s Kingdom. We invite you to stay tuned for exciting to the updates on the work here in Malawi and please keep us in prayer.