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How are They Coping?

Nov 5, 2012

Dear Brother Vaughn,

You asked how Brother Ben and his family are doing. In my eyes, they are settling in very well and as usual there is a lot to learn. Rodrick is their Chichewa language professor. Bro. Ben had a challenge when he addressed the packed (with over 500 church leaders present) Great Hall at Chancellor College during the 50th Anniversary celebrations and he did a very good job! It could take a while before he gains fluency with the language, but he is overall on track.

People in each corner of the Southern region want to see Bro. Ben in their area. Just yesterday we visited Zomba to cheer up one respected old church leader who had suffered a minor stroke. His spirits were lifted high by our visit, but his final words to Bro. Ben were, “All the people in this area want to see you. Please return here before the rains come so we can all meet you.” The reception is excellent wherever he goes.

In some quarters, especially with the “greyhaired old-timers” who worked with Bro Lendal, they have to talk about “the new Missionary being so young.” This was expected and we warned Bro. Ben that the old-timers were going to compare him to the good work of Brother Lendal and Brother Mark. This is how it should be and it will not bother Ben. It is good to have people speak well of our prior Missionaries.

Becca has also been well received. She is a good teacher at the women’s Tuesday devotion at the Maternity Clinic. She is a teacher by profession and she stuns the ladies with her knowledge. I see numerous teaching opportunities for her. And, Mr Braylon, he is also settling in well and very much in love with the

local “Mexican food”… our nsima. He is also growing up fast. Erik and Dana Thiesen enjoyed life at Namikango and we hope that Braylon will enjoy growing up here as well.

On another note, I was elected to serve as an Elder at my home congregation in Blantyre. This is a church where I have worshipped for 19 years. I have particularly enjoyed teaching the youth in all these years. This Sunday is a big day as ordination takes place. Hope you will keep me in your prayers like you have done always. I will also appreciate your wise counsel. Lillian would like to hear from Mama Anita on how an elder’s wife ought to serve.

Next week Friday is another big day as our first born son, Jonathan, will be graduating from the University of Malawi. He graduates with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. God has favoured us so much so that Jonathan already has a job as an Accountant in a tyre manufacturing firm. This is real favour because unemployment is quite high at the moment, especially with the bad economic times. Many thanks for your unceasing prayers for us.