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Aug 12, 2015

by Ben Hayes

The second semester for the Village Bible Schools and for the studies here on campus is well under way. We invited one of our village school teachers to teach at Namikango campus last month. This gives our staff teachers a chance to breathe as well as giving a village teacher the chance to experience life on the Namikango campus. We also get to know our village teachers better this way, and the gentleman we had last month, Alex, was a wonderful, humble man. It was an enjoyable month for both us and the students.

We have several new people coming on staff in the next month, some in new positions, but mostly to fill gaps that have been left open by retired staff, or other staff who have moved on. The work load continues to grow and having these new people is vital to our work here. We will introduce you these new, God-given additions to the team over the next several months.

Blessings to all of you.