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Strengthening Marriages at Kara O’Mula

Aug 12, 2015

by Kirk Hayes

Kara O’Mula is a Country Lodge, located near the base of the beautiful Mulanje mountain and about two hours away from Namikango Mission. This is the site Ben and Ryan chose for the two-day marriage retreat for the Mission staff. Susan and I had the blessing of conducting the retreat during our two-week visit with Ben, Becca, Ryan, Justine, and the kids. Though the weather is cold in July in the southern hemisphere, we enjoyed warm fellowship with the group. Six Malawian couples from the Mission staff were able to make the retreat: Leo & Everess Kabanda, Alex & Gift Nunu, Isaac Paul & Violet, Chitani & Iness Bakali, Symon & Edna Katete, and Bisani & Lilian Mphongolo.

It was a joy spending time with the couples and studying God’s word together about how we can make our marriages stronger. (Needless to say, it was a special joy to be there with our own sons and their families!) Though it took a bit for some of the group to warm up to the discussion, they shared keen insights during our two days together. The four older couples spoke up the most, but the two younger couples evidenced maturity and wisdom in their reflections as well, showing there are kingdom truths that transcend the cultural differences in marriages. We based our study on Scripture and spent time reading and bringing God’s word to bear on the husband/wife relationship. (Thanks to The Allisons for their African book on marriages!) The teaching and modeling of godly marriages by both older and younger couples provides a good foundation for the future.

On a light-hearted note, Bisani asked the six couples to share how they met and married as a part of the Wednesday night devo. There was much laughter as they told their stories, especially when Symon, Bisani, and Leo told how they were rejected at first as suitors for their eventual wives!