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Namikango Staff Marriage Retreat

Aug 12, 2015

by Justine Hayes

For the last several years, the staff here at Namikango has been asking for a Marriage Seminar. When we knew when Kirk and Susan were coming, we felt the timing was perfect and asked if they might lead us in a Marriage Seminar. They humbly accepted our request.

During their two-week visit, they led a rich, two-day seminar hosted by Namikango at a lodge on the side of the Mulanje Mountain. Aside from the stunning views of the valley and walks through tea fields, it was a rare chance for staff couples to "get away" and spend time in sessions aimed at strengthening marriages, all with Jesus at the center. They were grateful for many things, from the chance to experience new "exotic" foods such as Brazilian sizzling steak, to the evening devotional where each couple shared the story of how they met. During the teaching sessions, Kirk and Susan also spent time praying Scripture over each couple. When it came time to close they prayed a blessing over the couples. Two full days went so quickly, rich and filled with hope and blessings. The staff and their wives invited Kirk and Susan to return next year for another seminar. We hope this might become a regular part of the Namikango program.