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Looking to the Future with E.M.I.

Aug 12, 2015

by Ben Hayes

The Mission staff, the missionaries, and the Mission Board of Directors have been in prayer for the past two years about the best way to serve in the years ahead. A primary concern has been that the Mission facilities, houses, offices, kitchen, and dorms have been getting old. We have made many repairs over the years and these facilities have served us well . . . but, they are nearing the end of the journey and need urgently to be repaired or replaced.

At a Board Meeting while back home, the Board agreed to seek outside help from E.M.I. (Engineering Ministries Intl). This is a non-profit organization that sends engineers to foreign countries to help provide valuable research, engineering, and planning to help improve mission efforts just like ours. E.M.I. receives calls for help from all over the world. When we told them about our work and our needs, they put us at the top of their list and said they could have a team on the ground in Malawi in June 2015.

We couldn’t believe it. That was only six months after submitting an application. The timing couldn’t have been better; we saw God moving once again.

E.M.I. is a unique organization that, after selecting a project, recruits professionals in their respective fields who also have a heart to serve God and people. The team of 11 Americans (mostly Canadian) that visited us included Architects, Civil Engineers, an Electric Engineer, a Structural Engineer, and a couple of Land Surveyors. Most of this team had never met each other until they touched down in Malawi, as they had come from different parts of America to work together on our project. These folks volunteered their vacation time from their regular jobs, as well as using their own finances to pay their own way here to serve us. It is quite remarkable really and humbling to be a part of as this as they squeezed three months of professional work into one week’s time, working from early till late. After five intense days, they presented us and our staff with drafts of what this place may look like in 10 years. Their job is not finished though. They will go back to their homelands and continue working on this for us while they return to their regular jobs. The week was a massive blessing for us – valuable beyond our imagining.

(more to come next month)