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The Interns did a Wonderful Job

Sep 9, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

It seems only days ago that our interns (Jake, Samantha & Taylor) arrived at Namikango Mission. But after six weeks of solid service and learning, they have already left to return to life as students at LCU in Lubbock, Texas. It is fitting to take a moment now to mention how grateful we are for each of them and all of the work they did, coming to Namikango, while paying their own travel and living expenses. Some of the tasks they helped with included creating brochures, designing shirts, labeling and organizing our library, interviewing and photographing every staff member, painting and decorating the prayer room, speaking at the Namikango Clinic devotion, staying in the village with respective families, playing with and taking care of our kids . . . and . . . they served many other ways on a daily basis. As you can see, they packed many ways to serve into a very short time, and we are very grateful. This was the first group of interns at Namikango in recent years, and we feel blessed to have spent these six weeks with Jake, Samantha, and Taylor.