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Three intensive weeks of community health training

Sep 9, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

We are very excited to begin a new outreach ministry at Namikango that touches on all the needs of people we work with, physical, financial, and spiritual. We call this community health evangelism (CHE) which is our term for a strategy involving lessons and Bible studies that work toward greater discipleship in reaching and helping the entire community. We have recently been able to hire two excellent individuals (Faith Somanje and Zione Maharu) who will work full time in this area. In preparation for this program, we asked Judy Fish, who is very experienced with this outreach ministry to third world communities, to come over and take us through an intensive three weeks of training. This training will allow us to manage and monitor our effectiveness. Multiple strategies are put together to form a way of working with communities to build both healthier physical communities as well as healthy disciples who are then equipped to make other disciples.

We are eager to begin this work and are very grateful for Judy’s willingness to come and teach for three straight weeks. It has been a great blessing to us and we trust that God will use this strategy to further His Kingdom here in Malawi.