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The much needed Immunization Fridge is Here!

Sep 9, 2015

by Wilson Tembo

The Namikango Maternity clinic is located at the Mission in Malawi in an area called Thondwe. It is 10 miles south of Malawi's old capital city – Zomba.

This facility is the main Health Centre for this area and it specializes in childbirth. Among the services provided by the Centre are: Childbirth; an Under-Five Clinic; Antenatal Care; and HIV/AIDS testing. The facility serves an area of 13,000 people in Zomba rural.

In 2008, Namikango Mission and the Malawi government signed a Service Agreement. In the agreement, the Mission has agreed to provide health care service for women and children from this rural area for free, while the government pays for nursing salaries and some other expenses. This was designed to reduce deaths among children and women. For several years now, this has been very successful with more and more women seeking maternal health care.

At times the government has been delayed in meeting their obligations. This has stretched the Maternity Clinic to the maximum to find adequate equipment and medical supplies and operating funds. In 2014, the health department removed an old Immunization fridge that was stationed at the Maternity Clinic and moved it to another facility that also needed it. However, this move left us without an immunization fridge for more than half a year now.

The results have not been good. Immunization meds have been kept at another facility and when they were able to get away to do so, healthcare workers would walk to and from there to administer the needed immunization to babies. Too often mothers were sent away without the immunization vaccines they needed.

The problem was emphasized in April 2015 when we hosted a group of nursing students. Their studies required them to practice managing and properly applying immunization vaccines. But they couldn't. We had no vaccines; we had no immunization fridge. They reported their disappointment about this and stated that we need to get our facilities up to date. We all agreed!

So, thank you leaders for allowing us to order an Immunization Fridge at a cost of $3,500. Your contributions toward this are very much appreciated. This unit will greatly improve health care delivery to babies, protecting them from diseases. The Fridge will have high density insulation, temperature alarms, and thermally sealed doors with door locks. We are very anxious to receive this life saving unit here. Thank you.