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Mission Happenings - Meet the Staff

Sep 9, 2015

Several years ago in this monthly bulletin we introduced some of the staff members here at Namikango. While some of those introduced previously remain on board, things have changed and there are new members here as well. We thought it would be good to re-introduce some of the staff to you so you have a more personal connection with the Mission but also to get a grasp of the various positions that the Mission employs. We currently have around 50 staff members, even more when you include the Maternity Clinic and Bible School in roles ranging from “Nurse” to “Gardener” to "Bible School Teacher."

We had three interns from LCU here this summer, and part of their work was to spend time getting to know our staff members. We asked them to interview several staff members and to write a report to describe the role of these employees. Over the next few months, we will include reports to help you get to know them as well. This month we will start with Symon Katete, who has been on staff here for several years. He is a godly man and plays a key role here at Namikango.

Symon Katete is the acting administrator and operations officer for Namikango Mission. His duties include working with the day to day operations of the Mission, assisting to manage church disputes throughout the community, coordinating the Bible school, and teaching and preaching during village visits. Symon began his time at Namikango as a primary teacher at the Ntonda Primary School, before making his way to the Bible School.

Through the past eleven years with the Mission, Symon has loved seeing the way that Namikango blesses people in many areas of life. While the Bible School strengthens the Malawian church to preach and teach the Gospel, the Maternity Clinic and Namikango water well provide physical blessings to the community. Symon hopes to one day see the Bible School become a University. He prays that Namikango will always be a peaceful presence in the community, and that it will continue to grow and thrive in Malawi for years to come.

Editor’s Note: Symon Katete is not only a strong member of the staff of Namikango; he actually grew up at the Mission. He was a young boy growing and developing in the shadow of his father, John Katete, who was for many years a beloved teacher and staff member of Namikango. John was an outstanding Bible scholar and memorized nearly all the Bible. Symon comes from fine stock.

- Sidney V.