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The Old Mission House becomes New Offices for Many

Oct 5, 2015

by Ryan Hayes

Many new and wonderful things are happening at Namikango, and one of the greatest blessings recently is the addition of new staff members. We will soon be officially introducing them to you. With the addition of new personnel comes the need for more office space – God’s timing is perfect. With the Ben Hayes family recently moving to nearby Zomba, we have access to the old, historic, Mission house. It is ideal to accommodate our increased staff with some of the staff remaining in the other offices . . . “Thank you Lord.”

Now we will be able to best utilize the old Mission house in a good, sustainable way. As an added benefit, staff members enjoy getting to work closer to each other.

Another new use of space to be developed will be a common area for daily fellowship and tea time. This will be what was previously referred to as the Wilks wing of the house. It will be renovated into the new Library and office space for Bible teachers.

The old living room will become a spacious meeting room with a large oval desk and chairs to accommodate our growing team.

Suffice it to say, the new office and fellowship spaces will take getting used to, but have already provided much-needed expansion, change, and excitement around the place . . . which is a good thing.