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Water Wells

Oct 5, 2015

by Ben Hayes

We have two wells on the Mission campus, both of which have been in operation for many years. One of the pumps supplies water to the Bible School side of the campus, and the other to the Maternity Clinic side, and we have a storage tank for each side. If power is off for a while, the Maternity tank tends to drain first due to the high usage at the Clinic. This creates a small crisis situation since water is desperately needed there.

For quite some time now, the old Maternity Clinic submersible water pump often fails to work. The time has come for us to purchase and install a new one, especially as the dry season approaches where possible drought sets in.

Having a good pump will ensure we are able to continue operations on campus, at the Maternity, as well as helping to provide a water source for the community around us. The local villagers know that they are welcome to use the water from our tanks and the largest amount of our water goes to the local families. This is respected as a good will gesture to our neighbors.

The cost for a Submersible Pump is $729. If you would like to have a personal Mission project, I would invite you to take on the purchase of this water pump. The one we went with is the same brand as the original, which is very durable.

We have discussed upgrading the water supply and that is something we will need to do for the future, even potentially digging another new well for the campus.