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God's Master Design is Worldwide!

Oct 5, 2015

by Ben Hayes

As we head into October, the heat of the Malawi dry season starts to ramp up towards its hottest time of the year. With the way God has designed Africa though, this also means many trees and plants are bursting forth with colors to match the sun’s heat. The lavender beauty of the Jacaranda trees that tower over the Mission property and the brilliant colors of Bougainvillea seem to be at their brightest, they stand out in the now dusty surroundings of the otherwise lush terrain.

I find it amazing how the colors from trees in many places in the world are brought on by the cold, but here, colors come not from the leaves, but from trees that flower, and not from the cold, but from the heat. Sometimes the beauty is so great you just wish you could eat it… But wait, you can because this is the mango’s season as well – one of God’s blessings to earth.

In addition to the seasonal changes comes the end of the Bible school session for this year. As it draws near, students are reminded that it is time for them to be back home to prepare their gardens. We have three weeks left with our campus students here at the Mission before they finish up for the year.

Lastly, we’ve had another new addition to our team with the coming of Hellen Kabinda. She is the daughter of one of the very well respected church elders in our region, and she is going to be helping us in our accounts department. We have been praying about this position for a long time and feel God has answered our prayers. We are pleased to have Hellen on staff. We’ll share more on her in a future staff bio.