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Time for an upgrade !

Nov 16, 2015

by Ben Hayes

For several months now we have been sending our office printers out to be serviced.

They are very old and these repairs have had very little long-lasting success. In addition, we have had to outsource most of our photocopying, which caused delays and expense.

A photocopier of our own is really, really needed, especially in light of the larger staff we now have.

So, after several years of struggling to keep these machines working we are finally facing the fact that they need to be replaced, It is time for an upgrade. We are proposing to purchase new ones.

The four printers and one photocopier we need for now will cost $1,230. [Editor’s Note – This is a bargain! - sv]

This would be a good project for a generous person or church to take on. If you would like to purchase these for us, it would be such a blessing. Just show "Printing" on your check and we will apply it to this.

We are also considering the possibility of getting printing equipment for larger scale work where we could print our own bulletins/articles/outlines and what not. If we receive more than the $1,230 needed for the present copiers it can be used toward a larger printer in the near future. We can find good brand equipment here in Malawi, we just have to pay more than we would in the States.

We’re looking forward to the improved efficiency and reduced frustration levels this equipment will bring.