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Nov 16, 2015

by Taylor Castleberry, Intern

Chitani Bakali has worked at Namikango as the Evangelism Coordinator and a Bible teacher for the school on the Mission’s campus for the past five years. He is married with four children and loves playing football.

As a young man he traveled around with his local preacher in Blantyre, he was recommended for and attended Namikango Bible School and graduated in 2009. Shortly after completing his studies at the school, Mark Thiesen invited him to serve at the Mission as the Evangelism Coordinator. Chitani proposes areas where he feels Namikango should visit. He goes out into the surrounding communities with Namikango students to mentor them and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Much of his time is spent conversing with people and building relationships. In addition, he responds to concerns expressed by Elders from nearby villages.

Since being a part of Namikango Mission as a student and staff member, Chitani has seen enormous growth within himself. He reflects that he was once a short-tempered man, but has changed through watching and learning from godly men around him. He credits this to his mentors and the power of God’s grace. His family life has also changed through the example of godly families around him. He has seen the impact of the Maternity Clinic and public wells, and hopes for Namikango’s influence to move even more spiritually throughout Malawi. “The Gospel and doctrine are two different things,” Chitani says, “people lean too much on doctrine rather than the Gospel. The Gospel is where God’s power is.” He prays that with the Gospel as the starting point, Namikango will continue to see transformed lives both within and outside the church. He also hopes that the Mission will grow into a Bible college, become self-sufficient, and form into a more comprehensive ministry.

Wilson Tembo serves as both the Maternity Clinic Administrator and Warehouse Administrator – each a very demanding and responsible position. He began working at Namikango seven years ago in the Warehouse, managing supplies donated primarily through the Malawi Project, one of Namikango Mission’s partners. In 2013, He took on additional responsibilities in managing the daily operations of the Maternity Clinic. In his roles, Wilson often comes face-to-face with the immediate and pressing needs of the community.

One of the things he finds most satisfying about his position is being able to assist people who are truly in need. He often hears good reports about people being helped and these keep him encouraged in his work. One example is of a 34 year old man who had been crippled all his life. When he would fall ill, his friends would carry him a long distance to the nearest clinic. Wilson says when he delivered a wheelchair to him, the man cried tears of happiness. “He couldn’t believe that he had a wheelchair and that he was now free to visit his friends and be involved in the community.”

Wilson can see first-hand the impact Namikango has on the community. He prays that Christ will be honored and will continue to be the center of their work, and that all Mission employees will display the life of Christ in all they do.