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Nov 16, 2015

by Symon John Katete

We love to know our own history. Where did we come from? Where we are now? And what will our future be? The History of the Church is one of the subjects taught at Namikango Bible School and has been used in our curriculum for the past fifty years. At first it was a few pages in outline form used for teaching. Later, Bro. B. Shelburne, one of the founding patriarchs of Namikango Bible School, devoted a lot of effort and research to expand "Church History" into book form. Uncle B, as many like to call him, began his work to expand the Church History material in 1980, into a book titled "Mbiri ya Mpingo." "Church History" was completed in 1982.

This publication was the first of its kind here in Malawi and is highly valued especially because it was written in our local Chichewa language. The book continues to enjoy high readership and is popular at our bookstore here at Namikango. It is used mostly in our Village Bible Centers as a study guide and is furnished free to our students. It is also used as resource material by other Bible teaching Institutions in Malawi; by church leaders and teachers; by farmers in the village; and used for family studies in the home.

Church History ranks high in the “most wanted” category of our books, along with a few of our other popular books, “The Life of Christ,” “The Christian Family,” and “A Topical Index of the Bible” by Doyle Gilliam, which we re-stock periodically.

We have placed an order for the printing of 2,000 copies at a cost of $2,982 and we hope to get them by the end of the year. In studying "Church History" we have an opportunity to evaluate ourselves to see if we measure up to the first century church of the Apostles.

Our deep appreciation goes to Bro. B. Shelburne and all who took part in the effort to make the writing of this book a reality. It has been a rich blessing to many. We are so appreciative of those who have made this printing available in the past.

And, if you want to assist in this reprinting, it will be greatly appreciated. Mark your check "printing" and it will help in this good work. We pray that God almighty will make resources available for continued printing and publishing of this and other study guides. May God richly bless you for supporting all areas of the Mission work, especially in the publication of materials for the Bible School.